According to a governmental study, about 3% of the population of England and Wales has a second home. These homes may be abroad, with European spots such as Spain or Portugal proving very popular. Or they may be on British soil, with Brits particularly eager to claim real estate in Cornwall, Devon and the Scilly […]Continue Reading


The motor industry is struggling as demand has dropped due to the global recession and credit crunch. However, if you need a new car, there has never been a better time to drive a great deal on getting that new or newer set of wheels! Credit availability has been a real problem for all consumers, […]Continue Reading


If you take out home insurance for the contents in your home you may assume that they are automatically covered against accidental damage โ€“ however, this is often not the case. Levels of accidental damage insurance can vary widely between insurance providers โ€“ so here we look at how to get the cover you need. […]Continue Reading


Though not a legal necessity in the UK like car insurance, home insurance has always been important to property owners to protect their most expensive and important possession โ€“ their home. The buildings aspect of a home insurance policy can protect your bricks and mortar from fire, flooding and other damage; while the contents aspect […]Continue Reading


Historically, female drivers have been regarded as a safe bet by motor insurers. The cost of accidents involving women drivers is substantially lower than those involving their male counterparts and this has been reflected in the cost of car insurance for women to date. Equality A recent ruling by the European Court of Justice, however, […]Continue Reading


When obtaining protection for our homes, we often overpay for cover we do not need or wrongly estimate the value of the things we plan to protect. Securing a good deal on home insurance is highly important considering the current economic climate of the UK, but what can you do to get a good deal […]Continue Reading


Health Insurance is one of the most important purchases that you can make for your family. When you’re shopping for Health Insurance you want to make sure that you’re getting the very best possible coverage for your families’ needs. There are several things to consider when you’re looking for the best possible Health Insurance coverage […]Continue Reading


No matter where in the role that you live there is one thing that is for certain and that is you need car insurance. However does car insurance have to cost a great deal of money? Car insurance should not have to cost more than your house payment each month. So the best way to […]Continue Reading


Millions and millions of people travel everyday that are not covered. They are not covered by having travel insurance and that is something that you should look into every time you travel. Taking a vacation is something that many people look forward to each year and without any travel insurance, you could end up losing […]Continue Reading


Health Insurance is without a doubt one of the most expensive things that you’ll have to add to your monthly budget. Whether you are getting Health Insurance for an employer or purchasing and on your own Health Insurance can be very expensive. There are some great ways however for you to be able to find […]Continue Reading